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Guest DJ: John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls

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Goo Goo Dolls have been veterans of the rock scene for the last 28 years, and the band recently released their 10th studio album Magnetic last summer. The guys have also been busy on tour, and with founding memeber John Rzeznik leading the way, the band isn't slowing down anytime soon.

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John Rzeznik teamed up with iHeartRadio when he was in New York City recently to Guest DJ a radio station that represents his personal taste. Check out his favorite tracks below!

1. "Talk" by Coldplay

This song is special to me because I think the lyrics are really beautiful, and they sort of talk about this real sort of longing to communicate with someone whose important to you, and feeling lost because they’re not available.

2. "Lights" by Ellie Goulding

You know what – I just, I love her voice and when I saw her do that song live she sang so perfectly that it made me love the song more. She has a real voice, she has a genuine voice and it’s just a really tight sort of pop song and it’s almost a guilty pleasure, but the lyrics are really great and she’s just such a great singer that it was impossible not to like the song.

3. "Transatlanticism" by Death Cab For Cutie

I just love the outro of the song because it takes about three-and-a-half minutes to get just through the outro of the song, and it builds to this beautiful, beautiful crescendo at the end. It’s just incredibly emotional.

4. "Stuck Between Stations" by The Hold Steady

Yeah, I love that because I love the fact - I love the sound of the guitars. It’s just such a classic guitar driven rock band, and I like the way they kind of sound like a very hipster sort of Bruce Springsteen kind of thing. I really enjoy that band.

5. "City With No Children" by Arcade Fire

I like that song so much because it reminds me of like an old Neil Diamond song. And you know, once again, I love songs that are really well written, well crafted, and produced in a unique way. And that song for me fits all those categories.

6. "Ships In The Night" by Matt Kearney

That’s another song that’s just incredibly infectious and everything from the beat, to the way he just rhymes, the way he plays with words is really clever and interesting to me.

7. "Unsatisfied" by Replacements

“Unsatisfied” is just one of those songs - it’s like the ultimate teen angst song about trying to find out where you belong and who you are, you know, looking for your own identity. And that was one of the songs along with “Here Comes A Regular” and “Skyway” and that sort of became like a template for what I did as a ballad writer. I’m so heavily influenced by it.

8. "E-pro" by Beck

I just love the crazy guitar sounds. Once again it’s another one of those songs where you know Beck is singing and you’re like "what the hell is he singing about?" But it just sounds cool. He has this way of turning phrases that it’s just really, really interesting.

9. "Is There A Ghost" by Band of Horses

Yeah, that is another song that just builds to an incredible crescendo. I just love how emotional the singer’s voice is in that song, and in all their songs, his voice is – [he's] such an emotional singer. I love it.

10. "Satellite Call" by Sara Bareilles

I love Sara Bareilles, and I think she’s a really, really brilliant lyricist. I love words, that’s mostly what I try to focus on in my writing, more lyrics than music but – the song just like broke my heart to listen to, and that’s just such a strong sentiment and I really related to it. 

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