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UPDATE: Scott High School Lockdown Has Ended

UPDATE:  Scott High School Lockdown Has Ended

The lockdown at Scott High School has ended.  Toledo Police Department and Toledo SWAT responded to a report of a student with a gun on school grounds around 9:30 this morning.  The gunman, a 14-year-old student, locked himself in a classroom alone.  At no point was this considered an "active shooter" scenario and Toledo Public Schools tell 1370WSPD students were immediately evacuated from surrounding classrooms and were not in danger at any point during the stand off with the gunman. 

Toledo Police fired one bean bag round in the leg of the gunman to subdue and take him into custody about an hour after initial reports were called in to TPD.

Diane Ruiz Krause, Toledo Police Department Deputy Chief, is on the scene and acting police chief today. The scene is currently under her command.

Scott High School will release students to parents, who must have a photo ID, beginning at 11:30am.  Students will be released from the Fieldhouse.

For more on the story, listen at the top and bottom of every hour today.  Scott Sands will recap today's events during this afternoon's The Scott Show on 1370WSPD.

Click here to listen live --> http://bit.ly/1chhTAL

<Photos:  Sarah Ottney, Toledo Free Press>



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