7 Songs That'll Make You Feel Undeniably American (But Don't Say 'America' at All)

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We love you, Bruce Springsteen (Born in the USA), Tom Petty (American Girl) & Green Day (American Idiot)…but this Fourth of July weekend, we’re spending it vibin’ with songs that make us feel incredibly patriotic without even mentioning the U-S-A by name. 

Walking in Memphis

Because a song about Elvis Presley makes you straight up glad you live in a country that was a pioneer in the It’s-Okay-To-Move-Your-Hips-While-You-Dance revolutionary movement, AND is going to play ‘Jailhouse Rock’ at 80% of the weddings you’ll ever attend.

Don’t Stop Believing 

Because, let’s be real – everyone who lives here is “working hard to get their fill,” and would probably be down with “payin’ anything to roll the dice just one more time” just about all the time.

Sweet Home Alabama

Because even if you’ve never been south of the Mason-Dixon line, you’re going to paint picture-perfect vision of it in your head…and want to take a road trip immediately. (Fun Fact: Lynyrd Skynyrd allegedly released this track as a “HEY - you don’t talk smack about the South” to Neil Young.)

Eye of the Tiger

Because, without fail, as soon as you hear the opening chords you immediately envision the Muhammad Ali vs. Sam Liston fight in black and white, Sylvester Stallone sprinting through Philly, and the fierce determination of…The Karate Kid.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Because – well, let’s call a spade a spade, here. Isn’t the title self-explanatory? Plus, there are VERY few 8-minute-long tracks that will make an entire bar want to take shots. Moving on.

Bad to the Bone

Round 2 of George Thorogood. Because you just can’t not feel like you want to strut down the streets of a big city in your swaggerific leather jacket. It feels straight up American to be "Bad."

Jesse’s Girl

Because we’ve all wanted to be Jesse or his girl at some point…or have like Rick Springfield confessing the crime of being hopelessly in love with his best bro’s girlfriend. It’s basically the most rock-worthy #FirstWorldProblem that could exist – also happens to be an ideal Go-To Karaoke song.